We create an immersive learning environment
through arts & cultural programs.
Mentally empowering men & women of all ages to live a fulfilled life
We are
a nonprofit corporation
Created to invest in young adults to give them the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

Mission Statement

Eno Productions creates an immersive learning environment through arts & cultural programs that mentally empower men & women of all ages to live a fulfilled life. Our well crafted stage plays bring to life clear insights to pressing environmental issues.

We have rethought “business as usual, ” and have sought to bring both women and men in the community we reside into the core of our programming efforts across sectors:

  • Mental health
  • Education
  • Economic
  • Socioeconomic
  • Empowerment and more…


Eno Productions is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to invest in young adults to give them the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

Eno Productions seeks to provide young girl s with positive, influential role models that will enhance their self –esteem, social competence and academic achievement.

Eno Production’s Board of Directors meets monthly and general membership
meetings for interested adults are held quarterly. We are a new group, and we
encourage all who might be interested to join!

We are seeking sponsors, if you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities with us you can do so by contacting us via our details below.

Only The Lonely Can Play Some behind the scenes
Only The Lonely Can Play


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Our Founder

Dorothy Okung is a new author and also débuts her first stage play only “Only The Lonely Can Play” based on her first novel.


She is the mother Russell Okung a successful NFL – Los Angeles Chargers football Player and her daughter Nicole Okung a graduate of Texas A&M who is now a law student at Pepperdine University Malibu.


A Houston resident, she is currently promoting her new book and stage play, “Only the Lonely Can Play” to spotlight the many phases of loneliness that women experience in relationships and different phases of their lives. She was Education coordinator, National event coordinator for the Professional Football Players Mother’s Association.


She is a philanthropist who currently owns a media and film production company and runs a nonprofit organization, Dorothy’s daughters. Her Book is a case of art imitating life as she depicts, through her main character, aspects of her experiences as an empty nester after the death of her husband left Her a single parent of two children who later embark on their own lives.


Eno has plans to spark a national initiative that provides women with a forum to discuss the empty nest syndrome and other aspects of loneliness. She has plans to make only the Lonely can play into a scripted television series and or movie. while waiting visit different cities and stage with her stage play- only the lonely can play- memoirs of an empty nest and now the Power of choice.

Mail: Dorothy.okung@gmail.com

Feel free to contact us about sponsorship opportunities and general inquiries or follow on social media

Twitter: @dorothyokung
Instagram: @enoproduction
Facebook: Dorothy Eno